KLTZ. Pmz. AAAAA!, 2013 (solo exhibition)

Tintype Gallery, London


KLTZ. Pmz.AAAAA! is an exhibition revolving around the peculiar relationship between sound and nonsense, between onomatopoeia and the realm of history. Expanding on the field of non-articulation and focusing on the strong bond between sonority and its material impersonation, the exhibition questions the mnemonic quality of a sound and uses figures of speech as vehicles for carrying along storylines. 'KLTZ. Pmz. AAAAA!' (Pssst. Pssst. Cheeky. Cheeky. KLTZ. Pmz. AAAAA!') is also the phonetic representation of a very popular onomatopoeic catchphrase, introduced to the pre-capitalist Romania by one of the first adverts to be aired on TV in the early 90s. I this sense, the exhibition becomes a space for discourse and abstract entertainment, a senseless repetition of grammar and shapes.